Velvet Lingerie from Velvet Matters — soft, sensual, and inspired.

24 November 2015 / Nieuws
velvet lingerie

Can you imagine Zeus in velvet? Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta can.

Annyta Lolyta launched her lingerie line inspired by Gods, Goddesses and their myths.

See yourself as Welsh Fairy Queen Rhiannon or perhaps as the Incan Moon Goddess Mama Quilla? Or maybe the Druid Goddess Morganna? It depends on your mood and style, and Annyta Lolyta gives you a chance to express it in velvet.

Men love the feel of Annyta’s “Hercules,” and how it looks as they strut to the Aegean Stables [their bathroom].

It’s the same handmade, hand-printed quality that Annyta Lolyta makes on all of her products. Only with her lingerie, the one-of-a-kind, original art in velvet is something you can only wear in intimate settings — unless you go to THOSE kind of parties, in which case you’ll get as much attention as you’d ever want.

Foto Geek Zwetsloot_DSC_1725
Steeped in the mythology and tradition of the Gods and Goddesses, Annyta Lolyta uses her decades of textile experience to give you a new experience in night clothing. It is now possible to wear clothing Worthy of the Gods.

Foto’s lingerie: Geek Zwetsloot