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Velvet Matters fluwelen sleutelhangerVelvet Matters fluwelen sleutelhangerVelvet Matters fluwelen sleutelhanger

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DUTCH Designer Annyta Lolyta has created a VELVET iPAD.

Remember when the iPad first came out and no one knew how or even if they would ever use it or need it? Remember those early days for Apple? Then, all of a sudden, you're a little weird if you don't have an iPad. The Velvet Matters VELVET KEY CHAINS are just such a product.

Annyta's VELVET KEY CHAINS are so clever and so functional that once you try one, you'll ALWAYS use it. If you're a man you're probably thinking, “That's ridiculous.” But having a velvet flag attached to your keys helps you easily pull it out of your pocket. I'm not kidding. They really work.

And for women, it's so much easier to find your keys inside or outside of your purse with a Velvet Matters VELVET KEY CHAIN.

Made with the same quality and care as her cushions or scarves or piano key covers – Velvet Matters Chains bring BEAUTY AND PRACTICALITY into your life.

The velvet sleeve is about 17 cm or 6.7 in. long, which makes it EASY TO FIND in a purse or DRAWER FULL OF KEYS.

The Velvet Matters Velvet Key Chain is so SOFT IN YOUR HAND. Plus, its LONG-LASTING. I believe the velvet key chain that Annyta herself uses was one that she made somewhere in the late 1990s. Like the EVEREADY BUNNY, it just keeps on going.

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