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Handmade Velvet Bedspread

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Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta’s Velvet Bedspread Tiuri, named after the young knight in the Dutch children’s novel A Letter for the King, will win your quest for bringing beauty and art into your home. Rich, deep colors handpainted in a majesty of purples, greens and blues lets you know why there’s nothing like a Velvet Matter.

Annyta felt a bit like Tiuri making this bedspread, overcoming challenge after challenge [sometimes re-printing a band as many as three times to get it just right or resewing the alternate side to better match the unique bands of green]. The end result is a chivalrous array of color: limes and purple, but also blues, turquoise, kaki, olive-greens, greys and violets.

This handmade velvet bedspread captures the colorful, evocative feeling of a dreamscape. Made of changeant velvet the images of Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta transform and shift as the light reflects. It can also be used as a grand foulard.

Lined with two woollen materials in lime and grey green with a touch of magenta, the alternate side of this bedspread can also be featured as the main side.

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 2.25 x 2.05 meters / 88.6 x 80.7 inches

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TIURI — Handmade Velvet Bedspread

Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta’s Handmade Velvet Bedspread Tiuri is named after the young knight in the beautiful Dutch children’s novel A Letter for the King by Tomke Dragt. Tiuri has to bring a letter to the king but on his way he’s unending challenges. Will he make the right choices and be knighted? Every step of the way was a challenge for poor Tiuri. But our brave hero ultimately succeeds, with a pure heart and all the best intentions.

Annyta felt a bit like Tiuri making this bedspread: some of the bands were re-printed as many as three times, because — like Tiuri’s quest — it had to be perfect. One time she stepped back and realized that her stitching, though beautiful and correct, did not blend seemlessly enough. So, back up the mountain. She overcame so many obstacles, but she did reach her goal, a beautiful velvet bedspread for you,

[Annyta describes the colors as “chivalrous.“]

Size: 2.25 x 2.05 meters. / 88.6 x 80.7 inches
[The biggest Velvet Matter so far.]

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All Velvet Matters products are made of changeant or shot silk velvet, which is a two-tone material that changes in the light. Each hand-painted cushion from Velvet Matters is a unique expression of Annyta’s artistry with color, form and fabric.

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All Velvet Matters products are handmade in the Netherlands by Annyta. Since 1995, she has been making exclusive, hand-printed scarves and other fashion accessories. The Velvet Matters webshop now brings Annyta’s specialized velvet accessories to the world.

Annyta’s speciality is printing on velvet, a craft that she learned in England and has developed and refined ever since. She has a distinct style, combining different fabrics with a wonderful sense of color and form. Each handmade velvet cushion is an original work of art.

Our hand-painted velvet is made of 63% acetate and 37% viscose, the silk velvet purple back of 80% viscose and 20% silk.

NOTE #1: Please keep all Velvet Matters products DRY. They are not meant to come in contact with water.
Note #2: Velvet Matters products become more alive and beautiful with age, and like our own skin, Velvet Matters products are not meant for prolonged exposure to bright sunlight.
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Note #3: Just like dating-site photographs, our Velvet Matters products might look just a little different in reality. But don’t worry, unlike dating sites, our Velvet Matters products are always even more beautiful in real life – it’s just that maybe, once in a while, they might look a little different from the web photos and videos.