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No PERSIAN RULER SERIES is complete without XERXES THE GREAT, at least not to those of us from the West. Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta made this home interior accent with an appropriate preponderance of gold. While admitting that nothing could match the Pride and Power of XERXES – the son of DARIUS THE GREAT and grandson of CYRUS THE GREAT,, Annyta Lolyta nevertheless gives him a golden side which leads into one of Annyta Lolyta’s classic hand-printed designs. And for XERXES THE GREAT, of course, even the handprinted design is gold-like.

Who was this most famous Persian “Shahanshah” or King of Kings?

In 480 BCE, XERXES THE GREAT gathered perhaps the most massive strike force in ancient history and crossed the Aegean Sea in an attempt to subjugate all of Greece. Soon after their arrival, the Persian army was nearly thwarted by 300 Spartan soldiers who blocked their passage for three days at the narrow pass of Thermopylae.

Unaware of the military code and training of Spartans, Xerxes sent an elaborate proposition the night before the battle, asking those 300 Spartan soldiers to save their lives and lay down their arms. Spartan King Leonidas sent back a four-word reply: “COME AND GET THEM.” The Spartans held for three days, and were only defeated by a Greek traitor who had shown the Persians a hidden path that allowed the massive Persian force to surround King Leonidas’ soldiers.

And so Annyta Lolyta says to you, ”COME AND GET THEM.” Come and get these beautiful home interior accents that are handmade, hand-printed, and more beautiful than anything you would ever expect in a cushion. Of course, XERXES THE GREAT is not alone in the PERSIAN RULER SERIES. His ancestors and successors are also remembered with worthy and incomparable works of art in velvet: Darius the Great, Cyrus the Great, Cambyses,” Ardashire, “wild-ass Vahahran,” Artaxerxes, Sogdianus, Antiochus III, Diodotus, Shapur, and Peroz.

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60 x 40 cm; 23.6 x 15.7 inch; green felt backing.


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Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta captures the grandeur of Persian kingship with this home interior accent. XERXES THE GREAT DESERVES GOLD, and that is exactly what Annyta gives him: a center band of golden coloring with one adjoining side of rich gold. What else would we expect from a cushion representing the Persian “King of Kings” who cursed the omens of the sea and sent his army anyway to conquer all of Greece in 480 BCE?

Who can argue with XERXES THE GREAT’s decision? His army was unsurpassed and had never lost. Plus, the Greeks had assisted in the attempt to overthrow the Persian government in his subjugated land of Ionia in Asia Minor. Even after his defeat in the Bay of Salamis, XERXES THE GREAT was able to return to Persia to finish his reign, successfully governing most of Asia and the Middle East.

Why not bring Persian Golden Splendor into your own home or office? XERXES THE GREAT is an amazingly beautiful, handmade velvet cushion. And he’s not alone. Take a look at his ancestors and successors: Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, Cambyses, Ardashire, “wild-ass Vahahran,” Artaxerxes, Sogdianus, Antiochus III, Diodotus, SHAPUR, and Peroz.

All Velvet Matters products are made of changeant or shot silk velvet, which is a two-tone material that changes in the light. Each hand-painted cushion in Velvet Matters is a unique expression of Annyta’s artistry with color, form and fabric.

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All Velvet Matters products are handmade in the Netherlands by Annyta. Since 1995, she has been making exclusive, hand-printed scarves and other fashion accessories. The Velvet Matters webshop now brings Annyta’s specialized velvet accessories to the world.

Annyta’s speciality is printing on velvet, a craft that she learned in England and has developed and refined ever since. She has a distinct style, combining different fabrics with a wonderful sense of color and form. Each handmade velvet cushion is an original work of art.

Our velvet is made of 63% acetate and 37% viscose.
Our felt is 70% wool and 30% polyester fiber.

NOTE #1: Our cushions are filled with down feathers. If you want to buy just the cushion cover with no fill or substitute another type of fill, please contact us.
Note #2: Velvet Matters products become more alive and beautiful with age. But please protect them. Even though we use the highest high quality changeant or shot-silk velvet, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight might cause some fading or discolouring. For maintenance tips see the FAQ.
Note #3: Just like dating-site photographs, our Velvet Matters cushion colours might look just a little different in reality. But don’t worry, unlike dating sites, our velvet cushions are always even more beautiful in real life – it’s just that maybe, once in a while, they might look a little different from the web photos.