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one of a kind velvet cushionsHand-painted Velvet Cushion - Ardashir by Dutch Designer Annyta LolytaVelvet Cushion with hand-printed design by Annyta Lolytahand-printed velvet cushion Sogdianus with original abstract design by Annyta Lolytablue velvet cushion hand printed designHandmade Velvet Cushion - Cambyses by Dutch Designer Annyta LolytaPoetic handprinted velvet cushion cover

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Our Hand-printed Velvet Cushion – CYRUS the GREAT has it's own YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE.

Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta will bring a taste of ancient Persia into your home with this hand-printed velvet cushion. She called this hand-printed velvet cushion “CYRUS THE GREAT” after the ancient Persian ruler and conqueror. As with the “CAMBYSES” velvet cushion, CYRUS THE GREAT has a contrasting design of hand-painted vertical and horizontal white lines facing each other in a black sea of changeant velvet. But the other half of the hand-printed velvet cushion offers a field of lighter shades of rose. An unusual combination for a world conqueror.

Annyta created a PERSIAN RULER SERIES, to stand beside CYRUS THE GREAT: Ardashire, “wild-ass Vahahran,” Artaxerxes, Cambyses, Sogdianus, Antiochus III, Diodotus, Shapur, and Peroz.

All are made of changeant or shot silk velvet, which is an extremely soft material that gives a magnificent two-tone effect. Through a process that she developed as an artist, Annyta uses the two-tone effect of the changeant velvet to allow different shades of the same colors to contrast and blend. Her artistry in color is highlighted by the beautiful two-color effect of this luxurious material as it reflects light.

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55 x 38 cm; 21.6 x 14.9 inch; black felt backing.

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Dutch Fashion Designer Annyta Lolyta captured Persian greatness with this hand-printed velvet cushion. Called “Cyrus the Great,” this hand-printed velvet cushion contains the conflicting vertical and horizontal white lines in a black background as in the “Cambyses” cushion [he was one of Cyrus’ sons, but “the Great” also contains a lighter rose field to contrast with the gray-gold and black. This changeant velvet pattern interweaves with hand-printed, striped blocks that offer a contrasting design.

CYRUS is not alone. His FELLOW PERSIAN RULERS include: Ardashire, “wild-ass Vahahran,” Artaxerxes, Cambyses, Sogdianus, Antiochus III, Diodotus, Shapur, and Peroz.

All are made of changeant or shot silk velvet, which is a two-tone material that changes in the light. Each hand-painted cushion in Velvet Matters is a unique expression of Annyta’s artistry with color, form and fabric.

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All Velvet Matters products are handmade in the Netherlands by Annyta. Since 1995, she has been making exclusive, hand-printed scarves and other fashion accessories. The Velvet Matters webshop now brings Annyta’s specialized velvet accessories to the world.

Annyta’s speciality is printing on velvet, a craft that she learned in England and has developed and refined ever since. She has a distinct style, combining different fabrics with a wonderful sense of color and form. Each handmade velvet cushion is an original work of art.

Our velvet is made of 63% acetate and 37% viscose.
Our felt is 70% wool and 30% polyester fiber.

NOTE #1: Our cushions are filled with down feathers. If you want to buy just the cushion cover with no fill or substitute another type of fill, please contact us.
Note #2: Velvet Matters products become more alive and beautiful with age. But please protect them. Even though we use the highest high quality changeant or shot-silk velvet, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight might cause some fading or discolouring. For maintenance tips see the FAQ.
Note #3: Just like dating-site photographs, our Velvet Matters cushion colours might look just a little different in reality. But don’t worry, unlike dating sites, our velvet cushions are always even more beautiful in real life – it’s just that maybe, once in a while, they might look a little different from the web photos.