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Exclusive Piano Key Cover
€ 115

PROTECT your piano with this exclusive, handmade piano key cover from Velvet Matters.

Most piano key covers advertise the piano maker, but at VELVET MATTERS, we ACCENTUATE THE BEAUTY OF YOUR PIANO and this cover does with its exclusive abstract and lively “staccato” block design in sophisticated colours as prusian blue, black, grey and camel.

Annyta's other hand-printed/hand-painted velvet piano key covers are HERE.

ANNYTA LOLYTA has shown her VELVET ARTISTRY in Europe's most exclusive boutiques. And now she's turning her attention to interior accessories. [She even applies her velvet magic to iPad covers.]

Annyta Lolyta makes each and every piano cover by hand.
There is only one STACCATO, so if you like it, buy it.

Velvet Matters PRODUCTS are one-time ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS from Annyta. It's her ART LAYING BEAUTIFULLY ON YOUR PIANO.. Have a look at Velvet Matters cushions as well.

Our Velvet is 63% acetate, 37% viscose.
The underside is 60% silk, plus 40% polyester for durability.

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