Blue Silver – Enticing Velvet scarf


Blue silver
Enticing velvet scarfchangeant velvet scarvesbeautiful changeant velvet scarf

€ 135

by Dutch Fashion Designer
In Blue Silver, Annyta Lolyta gives us an enticing scarf that will transform your outfit – in the alluring color combination (one of Annyta Lolyta’s trademarks) of intense blue-red and silver gold. This scarf will give both men and women a luxurious feel, but when you wear this scarf as a man, the chance is big you’ll attract many more women and men perhaps! This is because the colors will shine and sparkle in different lights.

The changeant or shot silk velvet is another Annyta Lolyta trademark. The material gives an alluring two-tone sheen when the light shines upon it, and because of its softness, this material is uncommonly comfortable to the touch.

Yet, for all of its beauty and softness, changeant velvet is extremely durable. So this hand-made velvet scarf is built to last.

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€ 135 for the 150-cm or 59-inch-long scarf; € 155 the 170-cm or 67-inch-long scarf. Both lengths are 27 cm or 10.6 inches wide.170 cm is temporarily out of stock.

Our changeant or shot silk velvet is 63% acetate, 37% rayon.

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