Velvet Bedspreads Foulards

velvet bedspreads foulardsVelvet Bedspreads Foulards

. . . transform your room with a fountain of color — offering just the right accent. Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta handmakes the velvet bedspreads foulards in her atelier just outside of Amsterdam.
Using her own colors and dyes, she handpaints or handstamps each band of luxurious changeant velvet to blend the shades and offer a home interior accent that really creates something unique.

Changeant velvet has a slightly different base color underneath to give the velvet a sheen that alters or “changes” in the light. Annyta uses that variable shading to combine just the right shades and accents for her velvet bedspreads foulards. She’s been creating art on velvet for the past two decades, inventing and refining her own methods that bring out such beauty and vibrance. Have a look at the sea of cushions from Velvet Matters that so beautifully compliment her velvet bedspreads foulards HERE.

Annyta’s bedspreads and foulards are reversible, meaning that either side can be used as the side to be seen. They are hand-sewn, giving them that Old Country European feeling of quality. For a look at how Annyta made the bedspread Lily, have a look at the video HERE.
Annyta also added the bedspread Tiuri, named after a Dutch knight from a famous children’s book. Have a look.

Bedspreads, foulards, wall hangings . . . virtually any size . . . any color combination.  This is the strength of Annyta Lolyta. A custom designed creation could be just what you’re looking for. That’s Velvet Matters.

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