iPad Cover Tablet Cover

iPad cover tablet coveriPad Cover Tablet Cover

. . .  adds beauty and protection to your everyday life. A Velvet Matters IPad Cover Tablet Cover not only protects your iPad or tablet, but with its soft exterior, it’s also a pleasure to touch and see. And the glossy silk lining guards against static electricity build-up.
Your iPad or tablet travels with you. It’s a part of you, so why not jazz that part of you up a bit. Why do the grey plastic or those rubbery, robot-like cover things that everybody uses? Be the first one you know to use Velvet and silk for your iPad Cover Table Cover. Velvet Matter’s designer, Dutch Artist Annyta Lolyta, made a functional and attractive product that makes you smile just by looking at it. They’re just an added pleasure in your life. Go for beauty. It’ll always make you happier in the end.
Our covers come in two sizes, one for your iPad or tablet only and a larger size for your iPad Cover Tablet Cover and its smartcase.

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