Handmade Velvet Cushions

handmade velvet cushions

… in purples or greens or reds in endless shades that ask you to touch them, and once you do, you won’t let go of these handmade velvet cushions.  Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta puts her personal touch in everything she creates, and she only makes one of everything.
Art in velvet through processes she learned as an Amsterdam artist these past two decades.Velvet eye-catchers. On the sidebar of the dropdown menu for cushions, you can choose to look at the cushions  based on color, like blue cushionsblack/gray cushions, green cushions, colorful cushions, brown-green cushions, or warm cushions.
Annyta also created her cushions in series, like her Persian Ruler Series or her Flower Series. Some of her cushions come with a video to further show her magic in velvet. Take a look at Vahahran’s Video or the Video for Tussilago of Annyta’s flower series.
We also create custom-made velvet cushions in the colours and sizes of your choice. Feel free to contact us.