Children's Velvet Toys


Children's Velvet ToysKid’s love to touch our velvet! So we’ve developed a a bright, cheerful and very “touchable” series of children’s velvet toys. These velvet snakes offer the same color magic and personal touch of Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta, only this time they’re intended for kids. Just like Annyta’s changeant or shot silk velvet cushions, the children’s velvet toys offer Velvet Matters’ trademark cuddly material. Kids can’t stop hugging them, and neither will you.
BUT THEY’RE ALSO FUNCTIONAL. After playtime [and make sure you have your child’s permission for this], adults can use these beautiful velvet creations as wind stoppers or weather strips for doors and windows. Just lay them along any opening or crevice, and your Velvet Matter takes care of the rest. Colroful, playful, functional. That’s Annyta Lolyta. That’s Velvet Matters.
Because of the high-quality shot silk velvet that we use, these children’s velvet toys are durable and luxurious throughout their long life span.
For a look at Annyta Lolyta’s other velvet creations, check out her SCARVES or CUSHIONS or iPAD COVERS.

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