Green velvet cushions coming alive.

What shade of green are you looking for? Velvet Matters probably has it — even if you’re not sure yet. Our gathering of green velvet cushions are HERE. These are handmade works of art by Dutch designer Annyta Lolyta.

The color GREEN typically offers a serene or harmonious feel, and with the right accent, it can either become more ALIVE or blend into its surroundings. For example, our Geometrics I, Geometrics II and Zigzags & Squares are more of the coming alive sort of green, while Mrs. Sophisticated, with her taupe shading is more, well, sophisticated.

  • Hand-printed Velvet Cushion – GEOMETRICS I

    Hand-printed Velvet Cushion – GEOMETRICS I - 149,00

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  • Hand-printed Velvet Cushion – GEOMETRICS II

    Hand-printed Velvet Cushion – GEOMETRICS II - 149,00

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  • Hand-printed Velvet Cushion – Zigzags & Squares

    Hand-printed Velvet Cushion – Zigzags & Squares - 149,00

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  • Handmade Velvet Cushion — Mrs. Sophisticated

    Handmade Velvet Cushion — Mrs. Sophisticated - 115,00

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Green velvet cushions: if simple is all you need.

The simplicity Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta’s color combinations are sometimes all you need; take a look at Zen Beauty, Green Hornet, Happy You or Mr. Colorful. Aren’t they more than enough?

Green velvet cushions with artistic flair.

Annyta Lolyta has been creating her own designs on velvet for decades. Here’s a sampling of what she can do with the color green and her own artistic touch: Indian Summer I, Pink vs. Green, Serendipity and Azara.

Annyta handpaints her own designs, a technique that she developed through her decades of experience in the fashion and home interior professions.

About us

Here’s a short video from our designer herself, Annyta Lolyta, letting us know a few of her secrets about how she creates her magic in velvet home furnishings. It’s taken in her atelier just outside of Amsterdam, where she has been creating her art in velvet for the past two decades.

Velvet Does Matter! We hope you enjoy our products as much as Annyta enjoys making them for you.

Our Velvet Cushions

  • Are handmade by Dutch Designer Annyta Lolyta in her atelier outside of Amsterdam.
  • Are one-of-a-kind, because she expresses her art on velvet. She only makes it once.
  • Are made of changeant velvet, with a luxurious two-tone effect.
atelier Velvet matters

Custom Creations

Annyta is also an interior decorator. She can create that perfect accent you’ve been look for — just for you. Annyta Lolyta’s ability with color, mixing and matching or blending and accentuating, is legendary. Why not treat yourself to create exactly what you wanted or what happens most often when working with Annyta, create more than you ever dreamed possible.

  • Hand-made pillow – Land of Marvels – Sold

    Hand-made pillow – Land of Marvels – Sold - 250,00

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  • Sale! Hand-painted Pillow – Kerria

    Hand-painted Pillow – Kerria - 195,00 135,00

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  • Hand-painted Velvet Cushion – Full of Life! – SOLD

    Hand-painted Velvet Cushion – Full of Life! – SOLD - 175,00

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Let Annyta Lolyta custom design your green velvet cushions.

For the past two decades, Annyta has been creating and then refining her processes for painting, printing, stamping and/or embossing her designs on velvet. She only expresses herself on the highest quality, luxurious changeant velvet. There are no other blue velvet cushions, or cushions of any other color, that offer such artistic detail and creative brilliance as Annyta Lolyta’s.

Annyta creates with such flair and color, not only by mixing all her own paints and dyes, but also by using only the highest quality changeant velvet. This ultra-soft, luxuriously long-lasting material has the added benefit of having two shades of coloring. So, depending on the light, everything that Annyta makes seems to have a life of its own as it changes color right before your eyes.