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Q: : What are your payment methods?
A: Direct bank transfer, Paypal, iDeal and credit card ( Mastercard and Visa).

Q: I can’t find the product that I really want. Do you also make products on demand?
A: Yes. We love to make products on demand. You can contact us to express your deepest desires – – or just call us and tell us what you want.

Q: A product I’d like to order is sold out. Can I order a similar product?
A: Sometimes this is possible. Please contact us. It depends on the materials we have in stock or if we have to print something specific.


Caring for Your Velvet Matters Product

Q: How do I clean my Velvet Matters product?
A: We recommend dry cleaning, unless your Velvet Matters product contains velvet parts that have a relief print. (This will be mentioned on the label.) You can carefully wash a Velvet Matters product with a relief print in lukewarm water with a tiny bit of detergent. For drying, you can first fold it up in a towel to prevent spots and then simply hang it out to dry.

Q: Do I have to dry clean my Velvet Matter product often?
A: No. In most cases, dry cleaning is not necessary. Most of the time you only need to hang your Velvet Matters on a line outside. Usually that’s all you need.

Q: Can I iron my Velvet Matters product?
A: You can iron pillow covers inside out, but please do so very carefully and on low temperature. You cannot iron scarves or iPad/tablet covers. The velvet will flatten if you do. The best is to hang your scarf in a damp room when it is creased.

Q: Can I wear a Velvet Matters scarf or other clothing in the rain?
A: Try to avoid that. Rain spots may stay visible in velvet.

Q: What should I do to maintain my Velvet Matters scarf?
A: A velvet scarf will stay beautiful a long time, when you put it away in a roll or neatly folded.

Q: Can I lay Velvet Matters products in a sunny spot?
A: We do not recommend leaving a Velvet Matters product in the sun, because the colors may fade when velvet is exposed to sunlight for a long time.


The Velvet Material

Q: What does changeant velvet mean?
A: It is a high-quality velvet that gives a two-color effect. The pile has another colour than the cloth underneath. This will give surprising effects. Sometimes people refer to changeant velvet as “shot silk” velvet.

Q: What is cupro?
A: Cupro is an artificial silk. It is made of pure cellulose. It is soft and supple with a lovely brightness.

Q: What is acetate?
A: Acetate is a half-synthetic fiber and is made of chemically-changed cellulose. It is light, but firm. The material looks like silk, and is very supple.


About the Products

Q: Why does my Velvet Matters product have an Annyta Lolyta label?
A: Velvet Matters products are made by Dutch fashion designer Annyta Lolyta. See her bio in ‘about us’.


Exchanges and Returns

Q: How can I return my Velvet Matters product?
A: You can return any non-custom made Velvet Matters product within 14 days after having received the product, but it has to be in its original state. See the section Returns and Exchanges on the website and Articles 8 and 9 of the General Terms and Conditions. See also the Appendix.

Q: Can I change my Velvet Matters product with another?
A: No, you cannot. You can, however, return your Velvet Matters product by going through the return order process. Then just order something else through the usual process.



Q: How can I register a complaint?
A: Please contact us via the contact form on the website. See ‘contact. ‘ We will genuinely try to find a solution together. We are always pleased to hear from our customers, even if they have a complaint. We are always grateful for any time you spend providing us with the knowledge we need to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. It’s the quickest way we’ve learned to improve our business – – listening to you.