Choosing Color Schemes: Inspiration and Ideas

20 January 2016 / Geen categorie
choose color schemes

Sometimes when I’m choosing a color scheme, I notice that everything I need is right in front of me. It might be a swath of cloth or a colored piece of paper or a cushion that I’ve made, but whatever it is, I feel a click.

Once I “see” a particular color or pattern that speaks to me, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at first, interior decorating ideas start to flow. That’s where I use my intuition about color. I think we all have that intuition about color. It’s just that I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years as a profession.

A spark of color in your home can give you energy, even a warm, happy feeling. I think that people flock to look at the paintings of van Gogh, Matisse, Gauguin or Mark Rothko because of their use of color in their art. YOU CAN DO THE SAME IN YOUR HOME OR WARDROBE. Color has the ability to change your interior, metaphorically and literally. Paint a wall another color or – and I admit I’m partial to this – bring some lively velvet into your life. It really can make a difference.

For my creative process, I often walk in nature or I go to a museum or art gallery. But sometimes it’s just a piece of wrapping paper or an outfit of somebody on the street that inspires me. Color is everywhere, and sometimes you just have to quiet yourself to see it around you.

In my atelier, I just play with different materials. I see new color combinations in pieces of fabric or bits of paintings that I’ve done or snippets of colored paper that I’ve used that sometimes, often by coincidence, are side-by-side and trigger something inside of me. It’s an intuitive process. What kinds of color combinations or forms move me or surprise me? What has triggered my internal response? If you look at my look book or inspiration on my website, you can see for yourself, and maybe feel a similar click.

I think that we all have the ability to choose colors by intuition. If you have a comment or suggestion about your own creative process and about choosing a color scheme, let me know in the comments section below. In the coming weeks, I’ll blog about my best color combinations and the paint color combinations that I mostly choose.

I love sharing my ideas about my creative process with you.
And as always, I wish you the velvet best.

choose color schemes