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Annyta Lolyta Velvet Matters

Our Velvet Matters studio is located in an old converted barn along the Angstel River in picturesque Baambrugge. The studio specializes in uniquely-developed printing techniques and original textiles designs.

We love velvet, because it is such a versatile material. Velvet is timeless, warm and colourful. Because it changes with the light, velvet has a magical quality that inspires us again and again. Using techniques such as hand-printing, stamping and embossing, we give the material a new and original look. All our Velvet Matters products are unique compositions made in a variety of patterns and colours. With the incredible softness of the material, Velvet Matters are a pleasure to hold and to touch!

Velvet Matters are made by Annyta Lolyta, a brand of Dutch fashion designer Annyta Lolyta Goossens. Since 1995, Annyta Lolyta has been making exclusive, hand-printed scarves and other fashion accessories. The Velvet Matters webshop now brings Annyta’s specialized velvet accessories to the world. All Velvet Matters products are designed by Annyta Lolyta and handmade in the Netherlands.

Annyta Lolyta Goossens

Annyta Lolyta

Annyta Lolyta Goossens studied fashion and textiles at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and later in London’s Central St. Martin's College of Art & Design. After working with Georgina von Etzdorf in England, Annyta’s love of colour and beautiful fabrics inspired her to start her own design and screen-printing studio. In 1991, Annyta then returned to her beloved Amsterdam and found an old cowshed in nearby Baambrugge for sale. The space spoke to her, and she converted it into her design studio. Annyta quickly started creating magic in that converted barn. Under the brand Annyta Lolyta, her collections of scarves and clothes sold in fashion boutiques, designer shops, luxury stores and galleries worldwide: Le Printemps and Le Bon Marché in Paris, Paul Smith in London, and The Swank Shop in Hong Kong to name just a few of her early successes. Annyta’s velvet scarves are loved by both women and men.

Annyta's speciality is printing on velvet, a craft that she learned in England and has developed and refined ever since. She has a distinct style, combining different fabrics with a wonderful sense of colour and form. Looking at the world around her with an eye for detail, Annyta is inspired by nature, art and everyday life.

Portrait photography: Geek Zwetsloot